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Wills and Powers of Attorney

One of the most important documents you will ever sign is your will. A will is a legal document that sets out your wishes as to how you would like your assets distributed in the event of your death. A will allows you to have control over the distribution of your assets and also if you have minor children, it allows you to make provisions relating to their care and maintenance.

Having a will in place minimizes major complexities, uncertainties and major tensions that loved ones are often faced with when a close one passes away.

If you are an owner of a business or investments then you may want to consider having a secondary will to cater for such assets as an effective tax planning tool to avoid paying unnecessary Estate Administration Taxes, often referred to as probate fees.

M. Bains Legal Professional Coproration offers the following services in this area of law:
• Wills with trust clauses
• Primary and Secondary Wills
• Power of Attorney for property
• Power of Attorney for personal care
• Probate-with or without a will

M. Bains Legal Professional Corporation has the expertise to carefully draft your wills, powers of attorney, and other legal instruments to protect your assets and ensure that your wishes are clearly articulated. Significant change in circumstances such as marriage, divorce and income changes can impact the provisions of your will which is why every so often the firm's clients are reminded to review their circumstances and ensure they accord with the provisions of their will and update them accordingly. M. Bains Legal Professional Corporation can assist you with any amendments you may require. Clients are provided with a service based on integrity and trust.